Be of Service

What does Harley Davidson make?  Motorcycles, right?  What does Harley Davidson sell?  If you said things like, the open road, a ‘made in America’ image, or a bad boy style, you’d be right again.  What does a good realtor sell?  Brick and motar or the American dream or an investment?  Companies that excel in delivering great service don’t talk about what their products and services are, they talk about what they do, how they serve.  What problems do they solve, what goals do they help the customer reach, or what pain do they take away?  If you’re a title company and you talk about what your products and services do, you will sound like every other title company.  If you're a bank and you talk about your checking and savings accounts as what do, you are going to sound like everyother bank.  And if you only speak about what your products and services do, then the only way you can differentiate yourself from the competition is on price.  You need your entire staff to express how your services are of service.  Check your advertizing, read your marketing pieces, and listen to your staff when they describe your services, do they reflect how you can be of service?

Here's a good exercise; sitdown with your staff and brainstorm all the different ways your company 'serves' the customer.  Don't reject any idea, dig deep.  At the very least, you will have your team look closly at how their department and company serve the customer.

Hope you can join me January 18 & 19 for my "Effort & the Role of Leadership" open seminar.  Learn how to manage your time to raise the effectiveness of your team.  Write fo details.


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