“Mutual Benefits Agreement”

You’ve heard all there is to hear about the engaged employee, right?  How they produce nine times more than the disengaged.  How they feel their manager or supervisor cares.  How they know their opinions are important to the company.  How their turnover is lower, they call in sick fewer times, and they are on time for work?

Would you like to gain all of this from your staff?  There is a way to have all I just wrote.  It’s called the “Mutual Benefits Agreement” or what I call the MBA.

Done right, the MBA will help you effectively communicate with your staff, moving them from moderately engaged to fully.  The results are that you and your team will be more productive, your team will work in a positive environment.  Together you will have a clear ‘big picture’ of what the desired outcome is to be.  There will be less employee turnover and reduced costs in recruiting and hiring.

To gain these results you must do all the steps to the MBA and you must do them in order.  Keep in mind, the average manager will skip around and lose the effectiveness of this tool.

State the Desired Outcome:

            What gets done and when

            Specific and measurable

            Should be able to fit in the subject line of an email

Paint a ‘Big Picture’:

            Tell them what the end result should look like

            Ask them if the picture is clear to them

List the Resources:

            The tools for getting the job done

            Ask them, “What do you need to get the job done?”

            List yourself as a resource by saying, “If you need anything else, let me know.”

Set look ins:

            Times/dates to see that everything is on track

Set reasonable consequences:

            Good or bad

            Always stated last

Use these steps to avoid breakdowns in communication.  Use them, not only in face to face conversations but, use the MBA when writing a new policy or crafting an email.

My Open to the Public workshop “Effort and the Role of Leadership” will be conducted in Minneapolis, January 18th and 19th.  For $799.00 usd you will learn to get more done with and through people.  I’m limiting the group size to 30 participants so, sign-up early.   Please call or write for more details and special discounts.

Thank you.






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