How’s Your Feedback?

The average manager and supervisor is poor at giving feedback. It may be that they were never trained, it may be that they follow how they were given feedback, it could be a number of reasons. But the effective leader understands the importance of giving feedback. They know some key factors about feedback. First, that it’s a survival skill; every leader must give feedback to ensure new policies, initiatives and procedures continue at high levels. Second, leaders know that feedback must be continual. Leaders can’t give feedback for somethings done well, they must address the bad as well. Also, especially on large projects, the leader must make sure the team stays on track. Third, feedback must be distributed to all involved. Just because a leader feels someone on their team doesn’t need feedback is no reason to overlook them. And forth, feedback must be a two-way conversation. Too many average leaders do all the talking, you must value the team members input. Watch my next two blogs on how to deliver both positive and negative feedback.

 Now available for purchase, my 60-minute webinar recording of, “The Seven Slight Edges to Keeping Your Customers, Insights & Applications.” For $197.00 you can train your entire staff how they can create an environment of service for your customers.

I hope you can attend my Open to the Public workshop, “Effort & the Role of Leadership” this January 18th &19th. This is a time management workshop that specifically addresses the time issues facing today’s leaders.

Mark 612-308-3065


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