Dealing with Non-Performance

Dealing with Non-Performance 

Happy holidays and welcome back.  I hope you all had a merry and safe holiday season. 

Let’s pick up our discussion of giving feedback.  Before the Holiday’s I wrote about giving your team the “MBA” to ensure positive desired outcomes.  Then I shared with you the importance of giving feedback.  Then, my last blog covered how you can give a “Public Praise” to your staff when the desired outcome is achieved.  You can revisit these and all and blog at

Life would be great if our team members reached the Desired Outcome every time.  Our days would be filled with Public Praises and our team would be fully engaged.  But, life isn’t all beer and Skittles, sometime our team doesn’t reach the Desired Outcome and we have to give them, what I call, Dealing with Non-Performance

The first, and most important, thing to remember while giving a Dealing with Non-Performance is, remember it’s training, not discipline.  I think this is a big reason why the average manager fails to give this type of feedback; they feel it’s going to be some kind of battle and they’re concerned they may not be to victor.  Keeping in mind that this is a training opportunity will make the entire process more bearable. 

Just like the MBA and the Public Praise, the Dealing with Non-Performance steps must be done in order.

Steps to Dealing with Non-Performance

  • Tell the team member about the non-performance.
  • Ask for their input.
    • “Tell me about it.”
    • Wait until they are done talking before you start to speak again.
  • Ask for their solution
    • “How are we going to deal with this issue?”
    • They state the solution, remember, if you say it, it’s suspect.  If they say it, it’s the truth.
  • State their solution to them in the form of the MBA.
    • You may have to raise the level of the consequence. 

Confronting Non-Performance is a powerful tool for finding creative solutions to issues.  Done right, it will get the team member on track and you will demonstrate that their opinion is valued.  Notice, like with Public Praise, Dealing with Non-Performance is mostly questions.  It’s a little ironic that, when you give feedback, they do most of the talking, if they do, you’ve done it correctly. 

Hope you can attend, “Effort & the Role of Leadership” Open Seminar coming January 18th and 19th in Minneapolis. 

Now available for purchase my “7 Slight Edges to Keeping Your Customers” webinar recording.  For $97.00 you can train your entire staff. 


Mark Isaac 



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