“Three Ways to Deal with a Co-workers’ Negative Attitude”

“Three Ways to Deal with a Co-workers’ Negative Attitude”

 Dealing with a co-workers’ negative attitude can kill your productivity and take away all the enjoyment in your work.  You come to work at nine AM with a ‘can do’ attitude and by noon your negative cube-mate has pull you down to his level.

Here are three ideas to try that will pull the daily-downer up to your level.  While you can’t really be a pseudo-therapist, you’re not Dr. Phil, you can be an influence on their attitude by practicing these ideas.

Set the Example:  You want your co-work to come to work well-dress and professionally groom, you show up that way.  You want your teammates to come to work with a positive attitude, you come to work with a positive attitude.  You want your kids to get good grades in school, read a book in front of them.  Remember to be the change you seek.

Ask Affirming Questions: When your co-worker comes to work with another negative attitude do you ask yourself, “Why does she always come to work in a bad mood?”  Or do you ask, “What can I do to help lift her out of her bad mood?”  Do you see the difference?  The second question is affirming, it looks for a solution, non-affirming questions look at the problem.  When youi look in your checkbook registry at the end of the month, do you ask, “Why am I always in debt?”  Or do you ask, “What can I do to mange my money better?”  Don’t ask an upset customer, “What’s the problem?”  Ask instead, “How can I help?”


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 Keep Your Promises: If you set a good example, but fail to follow through on your promises, am I going to believe your promises?  No, because there will be a lack of trust.  Make sure you follow through on your promises, have the word mean something.  Don’t make a promise unless you are in complete control of it.

 Thank you.