The “Slight Edge” of Economics

Companies that deliver great customer service practice the ‘slight edge’ of Economics. When I say economics I mean the skill, and it is a skill that you can learn, of earning more money than you spend.
When we fail to practice good economics we are unable to focus on another ‘slight edge’ Big Picture Thinking. We can’t see our goals because our vision is blocked by the stress that poor economics causes.

The best tool I can recommend to help master the skill of economics is a expense log. For one week out of each quarter of the year, track every penny you spend. You can use a credit or debit card and review the receipts. Or you can get receipts from each transaction. Or, there’s an app for that.
After the week, sit down and evaluate where your money went. Are there some expenses you can cut?
Doing this for one week is the least you can do, I challenge you to do it for a full month. Or, for a full year, like I have for the past 6 years.
We can’t fix it until we are willing to face it. track your expenses and take the time to look at it objectively.
Thank you.