Quality Customer Service; a Free Training Tool for You

It’s all about Quality Customer Service and here’s why. What I’m writing about today are the benefits to the company, the employee and to the customer when you practice Quality Customer Service.
For a free 25 minute power point presentation of me explaining what Quality Customer Service is about, please follow this link.
When companies practice quality customer service the first thing they have to do is communicate and build trust. When company leadership has a long track record of not listening to their employees, or worse, not following through on their suggestions, building trust can be a real dog fight. Companies have to make it easy and rewarding for their employees to communicate with leadership, no different than communicating with your customers.
When management opens communication and acts trustworthy the long-term, big picture rewards for everyone are many. Management builds a relationship of mutual benefits with the workforce. Managers and workers can make improvement a part of their jobs. Fear is eliminated for the environment. Workers make suggestions out of a sense of pride in their work. Employees are engaged in their work. Customers sense the positive environment and enjoy doing business with them.
Exceptional service can be expensive, easily duplicated and not perceived as exceptional by many customers.
Simply put; dump exceptional service and commit to quality service.


Stop Trying to Please Your Customers. What’s the Difference Between Quality & Exceptional Service?

Companies pushing the ‘exceptional’ customer service mind set are misguided in their focus. As I have written several times, exceptional customer service is necessary evil. It’s evil because it can be easily duplicated by our competition, it can be expensive, and to some of our customers, it won’t even be perceived as exceptional. 

I have also written, over my 25 years of being a customer service expert, that exceptional customer service is necessary. It’s necessary because it’s in the customers face, it’s something they can touch and see. Also, if we don’t deliver some exceptional service, our competition will. 

The key to exceptional service is to steer your effort away from constantly trying to find newer and better ways to deliver great service, stop wasting your time. Our American mind set has led us to always be looking for ways to do it more, faster, better. You can come up with the latest and greatest customer service idea, but if your service provider is in a bad mood or poorly coached by their supervisor, the best ideas will fail. And, as I feel with exceptional customer service, I think we’ve maxed out, it’s time to stop trying to beat our competition with exceptional service and switch our focus to quality customer service.

 Ultimately, the level of service you provide for your customers will depend on the culture you create for your employees. Quality customer service switches your focus from the customer to the employee, helping them to be engaged, and it builds open and honest communication. 

While having well trained managers and supervisors to create this type of candor is important, it is only one step in the process. First, leadership must make the commitment to quality service. This isn’t a 180 degree turn in how you deliver service now; as I wrote, you need to practice some exceptional service. And, if you are already delivering exceptional service, the change is actually easier because you don’t have to worry about that aspect.

Next, you have to switch the focus of your frontline team from SOLVING problems to PREVENTING them.

Only through an investment of training into the managers and supervisor and then to the frontline team will you be able to help everyone understand that they can and must help to ‘create a customer’ for the company.

Thank you.


“Can You Be Trusted With the Test of Money?”

The “Slight Edge” of ECONOMICS says to earn more money than we spend. Something else to keep in mind about money, or revenues is that it is both a test and a trust. Money is sometimes referred to as currency. That is to say it is a current, it flows. And when we disrupt the flow, we limit the flow of revenues to us. It’s a test because we have so many choices of what to do with our money. Forgetting to save some of it and/or use some of it for debt reduction is a failure of the test.
Money is a test because we are being asked to do the right thing with our money. Save it, invest it, use some to reduce debt or pay bills that keep our lives functioning, like rent or mortgage.
When we use our income to buy vacations, buy new cars, buy too many nights out on the town, or live beyond our means, we fail the test.
Money is a trust because what we do with our money impacts so many other people, our lifestyle and our goals. When we fail the put our income into a 401k plan we violate the trust of our future. When we fail to reduce our debt we offend the trust of living within our means.
The best advice I can give to strengthen your ECONOMIC muscle is to keep a money log. For one week out of every quarter, if you feel it’s too difficult to do it every day like me, track every penny. This is not a big deal, it’s easier now than ever. Just pay with a debit card and look at your statement. Or keep all of your receipts. And, of course, there’s an app for that.
I’m continually surprised by the feedback I get from followers who take up this task. I hear things like, “I never knew how much I spent on lunch.” Or, “I was surprised by how much of my money goes to Starbucks.”
Remember money is BOTH a test and a trust.
Mark Isaac
Gorman Business Consultants