7 Slight Edges to Keeping Your Customers

The “7 Slight Edges” the seemingly little things that make a big difference in the level of service you provide.  These are from my 25 years of experience working with companies that are great at keeping their customers.

Big Picture Thinking; Companies that deliver great service know ‘why’ they deliver great service.  They know and understand what’s in it for them, for the customer, and for their employees.  Companies that see the Big Picture demonstrate a long term thinking process.

Courage; Companies that deliver great service have courage.  They take action on their ideas to deliver great service.  They aren’t afraid to try new and different things to show customers they are important to them.  Sometimes there are barriers that keep us from going forward and many times these barriers are self-imposed.

Faith; Delivering great service means having faith.  Faith is belief in something we have no proof of.  We may think that standing up and shaking our customers’ hand will bring them back but, we really don’t have proof they come back because of that greeting.  But, companies that deliver great service know that it does, they have faith.

Effort; To deliver great service, companies must make delivering great service the center of daily operations.  It’s the first thing on their mind, not the second thing.  Companies that excel in delivering great service make it their top priority.

Economics; Economics is the skill of earning more money than you spend.  It’s difficult to deliver great service if your focus is on, not the customer but, the upcoming lease payment you’re going to have trouble making.

Ask Affirming Questions; Affirming questions look for the solution, they typically start out, “How can I..?”  Or, “What can I…?”  Companies that deliver poor service and they are faced with an upset customer, ask questions like, “What’s the problem?”  Or, “What’s wrong?”  These non-affirming questions don’t look for solutions.  We need to ask affirming questions, questions that demonstrate that we’re here to help, to look for solutions.  People who deliver great service to the customer don’t ask the upset customer, “What’s the problem?” they ask “How can I help?”

Be of Service; What does Harley Davidson make?  Motorcycles, right?  What does Harley Davidson sell?  If you said things like, the open road, a ‘made in America’ image, or a bad boy style, you would be right again.  Companies that excel in delivering great service don’t talk about what their products and services are, they talk about what they do, how they serve.


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