“Your Greatest Time Management Mistake”

What do you think is your greatest time management mistake? Allowing interruptions? Procrastination? Undisciplined meetings? Actually it’s none of these. 

The greatest time management mistake you make is all in your head, it’s deception. Too many leaders allow themselves to be deceived into losing valuable time.

I mean two things when I say deception. First, we deceive ourselves about our own level of importance. I believe you will have 4 to 7 things that only you can do, your highest priorities. But, because of deception, many leaders get wrapped up in their own importance and feel the number of things they are in charge of is much higher.  

Another way leaders deceive themselves.  Let’s say, your boss says, “I need you in that meeting today at 3:00.” You think, “Well, if the boss says I have to be there, it must be important.” But when you go to the meeting you find out it has nothing to do with you.  It’s because you were deceived into thinking, if the boss says be there, it must be important. Being deceived by your belief system will have you working on tasks that are unimportant.

Deception will steal your time.  Make sure you are working on tasks that you and only you can do.  Don’t get hung up on minor tasks.


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