“7 Slight Edges” the Little Things to Help Keep More Customers.

The 7Slight_Logo“7 Slight Edges” are the seemingly little things that make a big difference in the level of service you provide. These are from my 26 years of experience working with companies that are great at keeping their customers. In those years I have been up and down the Americas, back and forth to Moscow, back and forth to West Africa. And if I didn’t go there, companies came here to attend workshops I’ve led. I’ve worked with companies from South Africa, China, and Indonesia.

“7 Slight Edges” came from my desire to find what these companies did so well to keep their customers. As I researched these companies I asked myself a simple question, “What did these companies do to create a customer?” I noticed there were 7 things, little things that made a huge impact on retaining customers. Some companies excelled at a few but, the highly successful companies did all seven very well.  Continue reading



7Slight_LogoCompanies that deliver great customer service make delivering great service the center of daily operations. Not the second thing on their list of things to do. Not a ‘good idea’ of many other good ideas but, the center of daily operations. Continue reading

“What’s the Purpose for us being in business?”

Companies that deliver great service know why they deliver great service.  They know what’s in for them long term, they know how it impacts revenues, and they know how it keeps customers coming back.

Employees who deliver great service also see the big picture.  They know and understand what’s in it for them, the customer, the company, and their co-workers if they deliver great service.  They understand that their actions today have consequences tomorrow.

Employees who fail to see the big picture, come to work at eight o’clock in the morning with the only thing on their mind is, when and where is lunch. Continue reading