“Five Keys to Owning Your Time & Gaining More Referrals”

imagesAs a title professional referrals are critical to your success, it’s important that you spend the appropriate amount of time gaining referrals.  This is owning your time, doing the things that bring you closer to your goals. When you spend time on unimportant tasks—tasks that don’t bring you closer to your goals—someone else owns your time. Continue reading


“Own Your Time with These Three Tips”

547319_10200992160829791_2136443215_nYou must adapt the mindset that you own your time. It’s yours to control, to protect, and to nurture. If you don’t take ownership of your time, someone else will—you’ve heard that before and it’s true. If you don’t nurture your time—tend to it—it’ll fade away and be wasted. Owning your time requires you to protect it from the outside intruders that want to take it from you—mostly in the form of interruptions and unproductive meetings. Continue reading

“7 Slight Edges to Owning Your Time”

1979621_547235915374618_2121933437_nYou and you alone are responsible for where your time goes. Yeah, you can blame your staff, your boss and your family but, ultimately it’s your responsibility. Knowing that it’s your responsibility is the first step, the next is owning it. If you look at time as something you own, you are more likely to take care of it, protect it and nurture it. Continue reading