“Ten Ideas to More Referrals and Acting with Courage”

“What’s the difference between cold calling and asking for a referral? Cold calling is the hell you go to for not asking for the referral. il_340x270.504988923_mtlo

You can thank Scott Burrows for that gem. He and I spoke at the same conference in Wichita, KS last week. We shared a shuttle ride to the airport and we discussed our sessions and our thoughts on asking for referrals.

Do you realize most of us will die never knowing whether or not we are a coward? When was the last time you acted with courage? And no, I don’t mean a bungee cord jump. Life is not supposed to be a pursuit of catastrophe. I don’t mean a momentary beat down of a fear. I mean real courage, the kind that requires a commitment. The commitment to grow your business, to have a certain lifestyle, a relationship, the body you’ve always wanted.

Courage is one of the ‘7 Slight Edges’ that leads to success in life. Acting with courage is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people. We all have a lot of great ideas in our heads, successful people take action on them.

To the degree that we are able to step out of our comfort zone and test ourselves, is an indicator to our success in life. Have you ever asked for 50 cents off of your coffee order at Starbucks? Ever knowingly take a cold shower? Ever walk across the room to introduce yourself to someone you find attractive? Ever ask for a referral from a multi-million dollar producing realtor? These all require courage.

Acting with courage is like working a muscle. After time and lack of use, we let the muscle get soft and then, when we try to use it, we have to first be pushed into using it and even then we can’t sustain it for any length of time.

It’s like our idea muscle, if we aren’t looking at new and creative ways to doing things, we fall into a rut. We start to follow the masses. We start to say things like, “This is how I’ve always done it.” Or, “This is just how the industry is.”

Here’s a way you can exercise both your idea and courage muscles. Every morning, sit-down and write ten ways you are going to act with courage that day. Ask for 5 referrals, take a cold shower (it’s good for you), write 300 words on why your title company is the best and post it to a popular realtor site, and ask that guy or gal out to coffee. Something, anything, 10 ideas that will require you to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry if they are good ideas or not, there are no bad ideas, anything that gets you acting with courage is a good thing.

And then take action on them. Remember, we all have good ideas, taking action on them is what separates us from the average.

Then, you know what you do next? Wake the tomorrow and do it again! I can tell you from personal experience, in a week your life will be more exciting. In a month you have more business. And in 90 days your personal and professional life will be completely different. I know this to be true, it’s happened to me several times. Because I learned years ago to act with courage I have developed new products, started working in new markets and met new and exciting people, like Scott Burrows.

Throughout the day take notes on how you’re feeling, maybe journal about your experiences. At the end of the day you will see that taking action didn’t kill you and it probably improved your life on some level.

We need to act with courage every day. Because of our career choice, it’s easy for us to find a way to act with courage. There is always someone to ask for a referral. The returns on our efforts are enormous. Life is more exciting when we act courageously. Remember what Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”


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