“Is Your Level of Customer Service a Hoax?”

Here in the Twin Cities there is a well-established company, that shall remain nameless, that attempts to build buyers’ confidence by offering a money back guarantee. The guarantee Economicsclearly states that, if for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase; the company will return your investment. They even have a line that reads, “No ifs, ands, or buts’.” Forget that the statement makes no sense. The company also brags about how they have never had to return any customers’ investment.

Well you knew this had to happen.  An international client felt they didn’t receive the kind of service they had hoped for and asked for a return of their money, and the local company said no.   Continue reading


“MBA–Your Key to Effective Communication”

What’s the difference between being efficient and effective?

Leaders today must be both efficient and effective to reach department and company goals–to engage employees, to retain more customers and to reduce employee turnover.21b46a5

Finding someone, anyone who can be both are a rare find, it’s like finding Bigfoot.

Most managers, usually excel at one. It may be they are efficient and great at meeting deadlines. But the problem here is the leader may use risk or reward style of motivation. If all is going poorly, the threat of working late. If all is going well, pizza Friday.

Effective mangers tend towards building a level of rapport with their team and try to engage them to reach deadlines. The problem here can be that deadlines may be continually moved or missed because managers don’t want to push their team towards efficacy, it may jeopardize the ‘bond’ they have with their team. Continue reading