“Is Your Positive Attitude Environmentally Sensitive?”

I have often said that the negative attitude of a person started out to be positive but, because of the environment, it broke down, decomposed. Because they are immature and not in control of their emotions, their positive attitude is environmentally sensitive.

I think they start the day on a positive note but then, they have a spat with their spouse, “Oh, he flossed his teeth in front of the mirror again, he knows I hate that.” Then, the kids are out of control when they try to get them off to school or daycare. Then, it’s raining, bad enough it’s a Monday. Then, some jerk cuts them off on the highway. Then, they get to work and they find out their favorite co-worker called in sick and they think, “Oh! Why didn’t he tell me he was going to call in sick? I would have called in sick too.”10653310_10204653874931494_6084561547774298529_n

Dealing with a co-workers’ negative attitude can kill your productivity and take away all the enjoyment at work.  You come in at 9: AM with a ‘can do’ attitude and by noon your negative cube-mate has pull you down to his level.

While you can’t really be a pseudo-therapist, you’re not Dr. Phil, you can be an influence on their attitude by practicing these ideas. Things are not hopeless for you, you have a fightin’ chance. Here are a few quick tips.

Set the Example:  You want your co-work to come to work well-dressed and professionally groomed, you come to work well-dressed and professionally groomed. You want your teammates to come to work with a positive attitude, you come to work with a positive attitude.  You want your kids to get good grades in school, read a book in front of them.  Remember to be the change you seek. Continue reading


“7 Slight Edges to Creating a Customer Service Culture”

According to a JD Power study, companies that have a culture committed to great customer service will grow at twice the rate of their competition.

April was a milestone for me, I reached my 27th year of being in the training business. I designed and presented my first workshop in April of 1988. Where were you in April of 1988? images

In that time I have worked with companies throughout the US, up and down the Americas, back and forth to Moscow, and to West Africa. What I’ve learned in dealing with these companies is that they are committed to keeping their customers and growing from the inside out. As I worked with these companies I noticed they all did certain things to help them keep their customers, they are little things that make a big difference in the level of service they provide. I called these things “slight edges” and I saw there are seven of them.  Continue reading

“Sometimes We Have to Terminate for the Greater Good”

Twenty five years ago I was having lunch with my manager and he told me he was going to fire a coworker that day. I was new to the training business, I was a salesperson but I knew I wanted to be a facilitator. I was trying to soak up everything about management, leadership, owning a company, everything. So, I asked if I could sit in the meeting as a learning experience. My boss said, “Well, HR says I have to have a witness so, sure, you can sit in the meeting.”download (1)

That afternoon the meeting started, it was my boss, my coworker and me sitting off to the side, strictly as an observer. My manager said to my coworker, “All companies go through changes and today you’re one of those changes.” Angered by the cruel remark my coworker jumped out of his chair and attacked my boss. I stepped in between them to separate them. They were shouting and throwing punches grabbing each other clothes. Someone called the police, a fellow employee came in the office to help separate the two. It was quite a scene.

After the police escorted the terminated employee out my boss said to me, “That did not go the way I had it planned.” Really!? Continue reading