“Is Your Positive Attitude Environmentally Sensitive?”

To deliver great customer service the service provider must be ‘respons-able.’ Do you know what I mean by ‘respons-able?’ It’s the ability to choose our response. Humans are the only species that can do this–and most of us suck at it. Think about a frog sitting on a lily pad. And then a snake starts swimming its’ way. How’s the frog going to respond, by talking his way out of being eaten? No, he only has one response and that’s to flee.positive-attitude-01

Humans have the ability to choose our responses, we are ‘respons-able.’ There is a space between what happens to us, the stimulus and our response to what happens to us. And in that space is our ability to choose. More mature people have a wider space than immature people. More aware people know it’s important to use their space to always choose the best response, to be ‘respons-able.’ Continue reading