Chasing Excellence; Day One

Are you working a nine to five job? Are you in love with it? Do you dream of greater things like owning your own business, being debt free, or more time with the family?
Since first being hired with your company have you become disillusioned by the culture of mediocrity? Have you lost the zest to go to work you had during the first few months of getting the position?
What if I told you have the key to achieving your goals and being excited to get to work will happen if you practice the one success tip that surpasses all other success tips-the only success tip you will ever need. The simple, yet powerful tip is chase excellence.
Chasing excellence means doing your very best and doing your best everyday. Not phoning it in, not doing a good job, not doing the least you can get by but doing your very best.
People who are chasing excellence are relentlessly proactive and ruthlessly accountable. They only make promises they know they can keep. They guard their time like a lioness guards her cubs.
Chasing excellence is not easy, there will be pushback. Pressure from co-workers and even family members when you try to stand out invites criticism. When you commit to chasing excellence you risk pain and heartache because you’re trying to do something that honestly, no one else is trying to do. It is so much easier to sit passively by and let the world go past.
Think about it for a minute, how many people in your office are chasing excellence? How many people in your office are relentlessly proactive, or even moderately proactive? How many co-workers are reading about the industry you’re in while not at work? Not many, if any, correct?
What if you made a 5% improvement this week? And then you decide to make another 5% improvement next week? The snowball effect will start to separate you from your co-workers so that it is you that gets noticed, gets the promotion and gets the raise, many times without even asking.
Each day I’m going to post what it means to chase excellence. Please follow me and leave a comment below to help me make this an excellent learning experience.



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