What’s Your Brand?

What’s your brand?  Do you even have a brand?  Is your brand the employee who does the minimum requirement?  Is it the person who get shit done?

Years ago I was coaching a manager who was your classic bull in a china shop.  He was a large man in both height and girth, a loud talker, and he swore like a sailor—because he did serve in the Navy.  Everyone knew him as the bull in the china closet—it was his brand.

Every minute of every day we are building our brand.  We are always branding ourselves.  Your daily actions and forward facing attitude is branding you.  And much of the time it’s the little things that brand us.  Showing up late for meetings, missing deadlines, hanging around the water cooler gossiping.

Do you notice how Trump brands things?  He brands buildings and people—mostly his enemies—by repeating over and over the brand he wants to put on them.  Every building he owns has ‘Trump’ everywhere–the letters are tall and bold.  He has pictures of himself hanging everywhere.  He repeatedly called Hillary Clinton ‘Crooked Hillary’ during the campaign and still does. Same for Lying Ted, Little Ricky, and Low Talking Jeb.

When we are chasing excellence we must be careful about our brand.  Let it get tarnished and we may not get that promotion or that raise.  Chasing excellence means doing the important things that build our brand.  Chasing excellence means avoiding the little things that harm our brand.  We must be known for getting results, being a good co-worker, putting forth great effort.

Our habits are what builds our brand–choose wisely.

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