Chasing Excellence, Having Faith

Young professionals who want raises and promotions from the company they work for have faith. What do I mean by faith?  Having faith means, believing in something you have no proof of. Young potential execs set a goal, write a plan to achieve it and have faith it will happen.

So many times participants in my “Chasing Excellence” workshop leave the 3 day session with grand goals to rise to the top of their company.  And of those who have the courage to put their goals into action, many will drop their ideas after a few weeks or months of not seeing the results they had hoped. They lack the faith needed to stick with it, to push on. And when you demonstrate a lack of faith, your supervisors and company leadership lose trust that you will ever follow through on anything. Continue reading


See the Big Picture of Chasing Excellence

You can never be more than the picture you have of yourself. If you’re not achieving the goals you set for yourself it may be because of how you ‘see’ yourself.

We are happiest in life when our Actual-Self is aligned with our Ideal-Self. That doesn’t mean you can only be happy when you achieve your goals. But contentment will come if you work every day on the things that bring you closer to your ideal-self.

I want a million dollars, a good woman by my side and a 32 inch waist.  I have none of these!  But, I’m working everyday day to get them all.  And the effort, the chasing excellence, makes me happy and content.

What are you doing today to live your big picture?

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Are You Investing in You?

Chasing excellence means investing in you.  Think of this, how many books have you read since you were in college?  How many books did you read in the last year?

About 77 percent of American women read a book in 2016, 67 percent of American men read one.  Also, the average woman read 14 books in a 12-month span, while the average man read only 9.  About 90 percent of college grads read at least one book a year, compared to 34 percent of people who haven’t finished high school. Also, the more money they earned, the likelier they were to be readers.

If the average US male only reads 9 books a year, how far can you go if you read 10-15 books a year?  I’m not writing about trashy novel–that would be like living another life.  I mean self-improvement books.  Something that makes you excel.

Books are only one way to invest in yourself.  Podcasts, industry specific blogs and magazine articles are other great ways to expand your mind. On my YouTube channel Ted Talks are ranked very high.

The important message here is get out there and learn!

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What’s Your Brand?

What’s your brand?  Do you even have a brand?  Is your brand the employee who does the minimum requirement?  Is it the person who get shit done?

Years ago I was coaching a manager who was your classic bull in a china shop.  He was a large man in both height and girth, a loud talker, and he swore like a sailor—because he did serve in the Navy.  Everyone knew him as the bull in the china closet—it was his brand.

Every minute of every day we are building our brand.  We are always branding ourselves.  Your daily actions and forward facing attitude is branding you.  And much of the time it’s the little things that brand us.  Showing up late for meetings, missing deadlines, hanging around the water cooler gossiping.

Do you notice how Trump brands things?  He brands buildings and people—mostly his enemies—by repeating over and over the brand he wants to put on them.  Every building he owns has ‘Trump’ everywhere–the letters are tall and bold.  He has pictures of himself hanging everywhere.  He repeatedly called Hillary Clinton ‘Crooked Hillary’ during the campaign and still does. Same for Lying Ted, Little Ricky, and Low Talking Jeb.

When we are chasing excellence we must be careful about our brand.  Let it get tarnished and we may not get that promotion or that raise.  Chasing excellence means doing the important things that build our brand.  Chasing excellence means avoiding the little things that harm our brand.  We must be known for getting results, being a good co-worker, putting forth great effort.

Our habits are what builds our brand–choose wisely.

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Win the Morning, Win the Day

People who are chasing excellence have routines each morning to start their day off right.  Your mornings are so critical to having a great day, to seizing the day, it’s imperative you get off to a great start.

A routine every morning to start the day will get your body ready, if you move more than you sit.  It will get your mind ready, if you fill your head with information and not the morning news.  It will get your spirit ready, try some meditation. Continue reading

Chasing Excellence; Day One

Are you working a nine to five job? Are you in love with it? Do you dream of greater things like owning your own business, being debt free, or more time with the family?
Since first being hired with your company have you become disillusioned by the culture of mediocrity? Have you lost the zest to go to work you had during the first few months of getting the position?
What if I told you have the key to achieving your goals and being excited to get to work Continue reading

“Is Your Positive Attitude Environmentally Sensitive?”

To deliver great customer service the service provider must be ‘respons-able.’ Do you know what I mean by ‘respons-able?’ It’s the ability to choose our response. Humans are the only species that can do this–and most of us suck at it. Think about a frog sitting on a lily pad. And then a snake starts swimming its’ way. How’s the frog going to respond, by talking his way out of being eaten? No, he only has one response and that’s to flee.positive-attitude-01

Humans have the ability to choose our responses, we are ‘respons-able.’ There is a space between what happens to us, the stimulus and our response to what happens to us. And in that space is our ability to choose. More mature people have a wider space than immature people. More aware people know it’s important to use their space to always choose the best response, to be ‘respons-able.’ Continue reading

“Are You Efficient or Effective? Is There a Difference?”

Leaders today must be both efficient and effective to reach company and department goals, to engage employees, to retain more customers and to reduce employee turnover.

Finding someone, anyone who can be both is a rare find, it’s like finding Bigfoot.effective-communication

Most managers, usually excel at one. It may be they are efficient and great at meeting deadlines. But the problem maybe the leader uses a risk or reward style of motivation. If all is going poorly, the threat of working late. If all is going well, pizza Friday. Continue reading

“Asking Affirming Questions to Keep Your Customers”

Companies that deliver great service and keep their customers ‘Ask Affirming Questions.’7Slight_Logo

If you ever want to read a really good book some day read, “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins. Robbins teaches us that the quality of our life is based on the questions we ask ourselves–the problem is we ask bad question.

In another great book, “Psycho—Cybernetics”, Maxwell Maltz teaches us there is something in us to help us find the Continue reading