“Segmenting; Build Mental Toughness and Improve Your Time Management”

There was another terrific interview on the ‘School of Greatness’ podcast with Lewis Howes. ‘School of Greatness’ is a where Howes brings on authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to help listeners in their pursuit of greatness.5gm7d7yd1zh5thjzbqm5_400x400

In episode 157, Howes interviews Eric Greitens, author of “Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life” and I have to say it was one of the best Howes has put out—and that’s saying a lot. Greitens is, among numerous other accolades, a bestselling author and a former Navy SEAL. He spends time talking about what he learned while in the Navy and a relationship with another SEAL member.

But most of the time was discussing his book, “Resilience” which I just picked up my copy and will be reading it very soon. In the interview Greitens discusses mental toughness and the tips and tactics we can use to build our own mental toughness.

One of the suggestions from Greitens is segmenting. He uses the example of how sometimes people who suffer from depression cannot find the strength to get out of bed. Greitens says to overcome this or any difficult challenge, you segment the task. Start by moving your toe. Then wiggle your foot. Then sit-up in bed. Then stand near your bed. As you overcome each segment, you build up the toughness to get out of bed every morning.pic_giant_031015_SM_Eric-Greitens

Why did this episode resonate so well with me? Well, in some application or another, I have used segmenting my entire life. It’s long been written, successful people do the things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. When I learned this I immediately decided to focus on the things successful people do. Segmenting has helped me have the mental toughness needed to do these things. Being an author, business owner and marathoner, I have called on my mental toughness many times. It’s been segmenting that has got me over many hurdles. Continue reading


“Ten Ideas to More Referrals and Acting with Courage”

“What’s the difference between cold calling and asking for a referral? Cold calling is the hell you go to for not asking for the referral. il_340x270.504988923_mtlo Continue reading

“Gain More Referrals, Ask Affirming Questions”

question markTo get more referrals you have to ask for more referrals—it’s just that simple. Any marketing pro knows this. But, the problem is we ask for a referral in such a poor way the only answer we get from our referral source is, “Uhmm, yeah, sure, I’ll keep you in mind.”

One of the ‘7 Slight Edges’ is Ask Affirming Questions. This is a great slight edge because you can begin to apply it today and see a positive impact in your life and in your quest to gain more referrals. It’s the slight edge I get the most positive feedback about from past participants of my workshops. Continue reading