“Go Ahead and Steal the Post-it Notes. 3 Myths for Not Owning Your Time”

There are three myths for not owning your time. I have to call them myths because calling 1979621_547235915374618_2121933437_nthem bullshit lies may offend some people. These are the rational—lies we tell ourselves. They’re rational, they sound good, they make sense but, they’re lies. I don’t know why we tend to fall on these rational-lies. Maybe it’s a form of procrastination, maybe it’s an excuse to not push against office status quo.

We can all own our time. To say you can’t effectively manage your time is saying that you don’t own your time.  But you do own it, it’s yours to protect and nurture. We protect our time by not allowing people interruptions, not letting meetings run wild and by being in charge of the phone and emails. Continue reading